01. Plumbing installation   02. Water heater   03. Toilet
Whether you are a home owner or live in an apartment, plumbing repairs are probably a regular part of your home life. Hiring a professional is one way to take care of changing a faucet or removing a clog, but repairs can be much more fun, more satisfying and usually quite a bit less expensive.
Very often, tank failure and leaks are due to rusting. However, proper installation, maintenance and adjustment will keep your water heater rust-free and working at peak efficiency. Follow these steps to ensure a healthy water heater in your New York home.
Putting in a toilet is another plumbing project that begs for a professional touch. One issue is the condition of the floor beneath the toilet. In an older home with wood floors, it's possible that significant damage to the sub-floor could be revealed when the toilet is removed.

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