Water heater
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Very often, tank failure and leaks are due to rusting. However, proper installation, maintenance and adjustment will keep your water heater rust-free and working at peak efficiency. Follow these steps to ensure a healthy water heater in your New York home.

Check that your tank's anode rod has sufficient sacrificial metal remaining on its steel wire core. Replace it when necessary. If you have copper or brass water heater connections recirculation, change them over to dielectric unions and plastic lined steel nipples. This will reduce this electrolytic corrosion.

Make sure the bottom of your tank is sediment-free. When sediment accumulates in a gas heater, it forms a barrier between the water and the flame, slowing heat transfer. Williamsburg Emergency Plumbing and Heating also insisted on double checking before they left to make sure everything was fixed. You will be our first and only choice from now on.